African-American Woman 101

AAW101 Is web/social media talk show featuring Host Jessicalsl. Who’s an outspoken older sibling going through varied life experiences, that has her searching for answers by discussing subjects/ issues with ones self And Co-Host Karl Williams for a males perspective. and family members And professional’s. As they support and push One another forward to be the best family role-models for their younger siblings

Our Hosts

Jessicalsl is Model,Mother,Daughter, Friend and Sister. Jessica is also an entrepreneur in multiple career  fields that deal with supporting and assisting those in Health Care, Early Childhood Education fields. When She’s not busy tending to modeling or other priorities she spends some of her free time volunteering at Head Start Centers and elementary schools.

Karl Williams Is a God fearing man. Who’s A Brother,Father,Friend, Spouse and Coach.  Karl has also played professional ABA Basketball he’s even a entrepreneur who owns his own car detailing Business in San Diego.

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